9 Real Estate Marketing Tips For Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to market real estate. However, when marketing on social media one should recognize that it is a unique beast. It needs to be approached in a different way in order to do it justice. If you want to start advertising real estate on social media you should check out the tips provided below. These tips can help you approach social media marketing of real estate in the right manner.

#1 Facilitate Sharing As Much As Possible

A lot of the people that are going to be coming to you will be doing so by checking out posts that other people have shared. Hence, you need to make it as easy as possible for people to share your posts, listings and other marketing tools on their own social media pages. Word of mouth is a very powerful form of advertising, and it can prove to be a game changer for you if you learn how to harness it in the right way.

#2 Get Reviews And Share Them

If you do your job well enough, you are going to start getting a bit of a reputation with the people around you. You need to use this reputation to your advantage. If you have a social media presence in the form of a social media page, give people the option to review you. Make sure that you display these reviews as clearly as possible. Reviews can change a lot for you if you get enough good ones. This is because of the fact that people tend to look for service providers that have good reviews. Indeed, this sometimes becomes the only thing that people use to decide who they end up acquiring their services from.

#3 Participate in Social Media Groups

Having a Facebook page is great, but it’s really only the start of your social media marketing tactics. You should also make sure that you are in as many relevant Facebook groups as possible. There is almost certainly a group that pertains to real estate in the area you specialize in. You can join this group and try to find customers there. It is a somewhat unconventional way to find customers but the fact of the matter is that it works, and real estate often requires you to be a little informal at times.

#4 Be Responsive at All Times

You need to be able to respond to customers in the most efficient way possible. No matter what time of the day they contact you, they should be getting at least some kind of a response from your end. That being said, you are a human being and will probably need to sleep at some point, so you can opt for a help desk software to manage your live chat for you. There are a lot of affordable Zendesk competitors such as Kayako that provide help desk software that can make managing your profile a lot easier than it would have been otherwise.

#5 Use The Facebook Live Option

Posting videos of your real estate is going to be a great way to get people to check it out, but you should try to go live with those videos as much as possible. This is because of the fact that when you go live, the people that are following you are going to end up getting notifications that this is happening which might drive a fair amount of traffic to your video and thus make it a lot easier for you to get the level of audience participation you need.

#6 Create a Photography Budget

One cannot stress enough the importance of visual communication, particularly in our visually intensive modern day and age. The fact of the matter is that sales have been made and deals have been closed on the basis of good pictures alone, so if you are wondering about whether or not you should invest in good photography of the properties that you are handling the answer is a resounding yes. The fact of the matter is that these properties are going to look great if you have the right kind of budget, and this is going to make people a lot more likely to be interested in them.

#7 Do Keyword Research

Part of the process of marketing your properties on social media is figuring out what people are searching for. There are keywords that people put into search engines in order to figure out what properties are available to them nearby. If you add these keywords to the content that you produce you are going to end up getting a lot more traffic to your blog or your page. This is a great way to maximize the traction that your posts are going to be getting.

#8 Hire a Content Writer

You don’t need to get someone on your payroll to get good content. You can opt for a freelancer instead who would do the work for you on time for a fixed sum of money and then move on. If you want to succeed in marketing your properties through the medium of social media, you really need to mind the content that you are putting out there. The content needs to be engaging and relevant to the needs of your potential customers. Hence, hiring a professional is something you need to do in order to do your marketing attempts justice.

#9 Attend Local Events (And Post About It)

There are probably a lot of events near where you live that would boost your profile to an extent if you go. You should definitely attend as many such events as possible because of the fact that it will give you good content that you can post on your social media pages. Just make sure that the events that you are attending are at least in some way relevant to the field that you are currently working in otherwise the content won’t get that much reach.