Why “The Mortar”?

Why is a blog about investing in apartment buildings called The Mortar?

“Mortar” can either be a building material, a tool, or a weapon.

The first meaning obviously relates to real estate.

“Mortar” is a concrete-like building material that holds bricks together.  Without mortar, bricks are practically useless.  They’re just square rocks.  The “mortar” here is the essential knowledge you need to get started in real estate investing.

The two other meanings relate to this blog’s purpose.

A “mortar” can also be a weapon.  It’s a short, smoothbore gun used for firing shells at a high angle.  We also hope this blog will blast your fears about investing in real estate to rubble!

Last, a “mortar” can be a tool:  a small, hard cup-like receptacle, used with a pestle to crush ingredients for cooking or medicine.  What you learn here will help you to crush it in real estate investing!

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