My First Deal (No. 3): How Alex Franks Went From Personal Trainer to Investor in 100-Unit Multifamily Deals With International Partners

In installment No. 3 of our series on how real estate investors got their first deals, we hear from Alex Franks, a full-time real estate investor who went from personal trainer to single-family home wholesaler to buyer of 100+ unit multifamily deals backed by foreign investors who teaches real estate investment to others.  An inspiring story!

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My First Deal (No. 2): How Engineer Reed Goossens Escaped a Cubicle and Became a Full-Time Multifamily Real Estate Investor

The “My First Deal” series explores how successful self-made multifamily real estate investors got their first deal done and took their first step toward escaping the corporate grind.  In the second installment of this series, we meet engineer turned real estate investor, Reed Goossens:

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10 Things To Do Before Doing Your First Deal

Guest Blogger:  Joe Stampone of A Student of the Real Estate Game

I spend a lot of time talking with real estate entrepreneurs who have successfully closed a few deals and built their company infrastructure. While they knew it would be difficult, they’re always surprised by what it takes to build a company. The ability to source, underwrite, and execute real estate transactions is a small piece of running a real estate investment firm.

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