Multifamily Real Estate Testimonials

As a real estate investor, consultant, and host of a successful real estate podcast, I know the real estate field, and I know a real expert when I see one.  I’ve known Jonathan Twombly since I first got started in this business, and he is the real thing!

– Joe Fairless, Multifamily Investor and Host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice


I have been fortunate . . . to know Jonathan and participate in a monthly mastermind group with him.  As an active investor and the host of the #1 multifamily podcast on iTunes, I am impressed with Jonathan’s skill and savviness in the multifamily space and I continue to learn from him.

-Gino Barbaro, Multifamily Real Estate Investor and Co-Host of The Wheelbarrow Profits Podcast with Jake & Gino


I have known Jonathan for the past two years and in that time he certainly stands out as one of the best multifamily investors, and teachers, in the industry.

We have worked closely together as part of a high-level mastermind group devoted to multifamily syndication. He is a true professional who is getting deals done and showing others how to follow in his footsteps; best of all he is down-to-earth and an all-round top bloke.

-Reed Goossens, owner of RSN Property Group and host of the Investing in the U.S. podcast


As a former commercial broker and now the owner of 1,300 apartment units, I know real estate investment as well as anyone.  You come across few people in this field who really know what they’re talking about.  Jonathan is one of them.  He gets it done, and is a great guy too!

-John Cohen, Owner of JC Property Group


Jonathan . . . has helped me understand underlying cost models and exploiting the potential upside of properties after acquisition.  He’s not afraid to raise cold realities, but is balanced when evaluating potential benefits.  Using the skills he taught me, I’m now an investor in over 10 apartment complexes with more to come.

– Rob McKay, lawyer and real estate investor


What makes [Jonathan] an invaluable resource is his ability to communicate his views and reasoning when discussing what he looks for or going over a deal of yours.

In a world where everyone claims to be an expert, Jonathan is someone who not only knows real estate but he’s also straightforward and honest.

– Paul Shackman, real estate investor


[Jonathan’s] feedback not only reflected his vast knowledge and professionalism, but his willingness to teach others. . . . [H]e advised me on how to syndicate a deal and thoroughly reviewed my pro forma looking for weak spots.

Even though I’m looking at considerably smaller deals, connecting with Jonathan . . . gave me the confidence in my due diligence to go ahead and take the plunge to go after my first deal.

-Santiago Eliaschev, architect


Thanks to Jonathan our business has gone from an idea to a full team of professionals in less than 21 days!

Jonathan does a great job laying out a detailed, actionable plan that will get you off the sidelines and into the game in no time.

-Evan Miles, real estate investor


As I was considering leaving my job in real estate finance to pursue RE investing full-time, [Jonathan’s] perspective could not have reached me at a better time.

Jonathan’s beliefs echoed my thoughts on how I planned to build my real estate career — a long-term investing philosophy predicated upon the right deals, the right team, and the right partners. . . .

Within a week or two of our conversation, I submitted my resignation to my employer and have since embarked on my adventure as a real estate entrepreneur.

– Ryan Goldfarb, real estate investor


Jonathan has been the most effective mentor in my real estate pursuits. The knowledge and patience he brings to the table when introducing a new investor to the art of real estate is incredible. . . .

Luckily for students, one of Jonathan’s gifts is an ability to distill hard-learned lessons into sound advice. . . .

Rest assured that with Jonathan’s advice, you’re going about it the right way. There’s no trickery, no gimmicks, no rushing. He’s simply looking to give you the encouragement and wisdom to make your first move in real estate. Jonathan’s advice and coaching has been an absolute gift, and anyone looking to begin investing in real estate should consult with him.

– Lynn Lewis, real estate investor


Were it not for Jonathan I would still be paging through leftover commercial listings.  Instead, I’m in the game.

Jonathan’s direct advice spurred me to take action. .  . .  At his urging I leveraged my own professional credentials and established several broker relationships that I otherwise would not have considered possible. . . .  Gradually, hours spent combing [the Internet] have been replaced by legitimate deal flow.

I’m pleased to say I’m under contract with my first deal…a near-seven figure multifamily property bought off-market at a 10+ cap in an urban market. . . . Thanks, Jonathan!

– Paul S. Dudley, M.D.


Jonathan Twombly is an expert in all aspects of multifamily real estate.  I asked him for advice on how to raise money for deals and he gave me a few pointers that were very practical and helpful for me to get the ball rolling. Right after I used what he taught me, I was able to get commitments from 5 potential investors in the very first week!  Jonathan is a man of high integrity and I would highly recommend him.

– Menon Ramakrishna, real estate investor