Become a Multifamily Real Estate Investor

Do you ask yourself questions like this?

“Don’t I need a professional real estate investment background to buy apartment buildings on my own?”

“Don’t I need to go back to school and get a masters in real estate or an MBA?”

“Isn’t real estate investing risky?  Can I learn to find good deals and avoid losing money?”

“The real estate around here is so expensive, even for a successful person like me.  How can I possibly buy an apartment building?”

“Can investing in apartment buildings really help me escape from the corporate grind?”

If any of this sounds familiar, then The Mortar is for you.

At The Mortar, we believe that, as an intelligent, hard-working, and accomplished professional, you already have skills and networks you can leverage to start building a valuable real estate portfolio.  And that portfolio can provide future financial security and even help replace your income so you can achieve financial freedom.

You probably achieved your high level of professional success by being a good student in school, carefully choosing a career and working very hard at it, and generally doing the right thing your whole life.  But now you’re at the stage where you want to start building long-term assets for you, not your employers.

But but the problem is, until now, you have not taken many big risks.  And investing in real estate feels risky, so you’re stuck.  A fear of taking risks holds many professionals back from taking action that will give them freedom and control over their own lives.  But what feels like “fear of risk” is really just fear of the unknown.  You can defeat this fear by building knowledge and skills, finding people who have already accomplished what you want, and learning from their experiences.

What to Expect from The Mortar

Here is what The Mortar is all about.

Do not expect The Mortar to:

  • Help you “get rich quick”
  • Discuss “no money down” strategies
  • Fill your head with unrealistic dreams of effortless “passive” income
  • Pretend you can be successful in this field with no skills, network or resources to drawn on

Do expect The Mortar to:

  • Offer practical advice, based on actual experience, on how hard-working, accomplished professionals like you can learn to invest successfully in multifamily real estate
  • Discuss proven investment strategies
  • Provide real-life examples of investment successes and failures
  • Open a window into actual multifamily apartment investment deals in real time as we find them, finance them, close them, and manage them

A Little About Me

My name is Jonathan D. Twombly.


I make my living investing in apartment buildings.  But it has not always been this way.

I used to be a Wall Street lawyer.  I had zero control over my life.  I lived at the beck and call of bosses and clients.  I slaved away 60-70 hours a week, felt like I was chained to my desk, and had no life outside the office.  The work was painfully dull, there was little real chance for advancement, and my effort wasn’t building any long-term value for me.  I was working like a dog and sacrificing my youth so other people could get rich.  My supposedly prestigious career felt to me like the highest-paid dead-end job in the world.

I was miserable.

After 12 years, I finally broke free from the corporate grind and formed a real estate investment company that went from zero to $20 million in assets in just two years.

If I could do it, so can you.

I started The Mortar to show you how.  Start out by subscribing to my newsletter!

Thank you!



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  1. Hello Mr. Twombly,

    I just listened to your podcast on BiggerPockets and thought I’d sent you a message. I’m just starting out myself in real estate investing and still need to get all of my ducks in a row. I’m interested in a 3 unit multi-family that’s just down the street where I live in Orange County, NY and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction with an investor friendly attorney or realtor in my area to help me get started. Thank you in advance. You can reach me @

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