Do You Understand the Critical Differences Between a Residential and a Commercial Mortgage, Like the Ones Used to Purchase Multifamily Real Estate?

If you are planning on buying multifamily property with 5 or more units, it’s considered a commercial property, not a residential one. You must get a commercial mortgage, not a residential one. If you’re planning to buy 5+ unit properties and you analyze them with a residential mortgage in mind, you’re in for a big, big surprise.

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How to Get Paid to Invest In Multifamily Real Estate, Even if You Don’t Have the Funds to Close the Deal Yourself – and Without Putting Your Own Money Into the Deal

Real Estate Investing - The Mortar

You can get paid to invest in real estate, even when you don’t have your own funds to put into the deal, let alone enough funds to close. But, let me first say that, in most cases, investors want you to have “skin in the game.” That is, they want you to have your own funds invested in the deal alongside theirs.

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How Foreign Investors Can Avoid the Dire Tax Consequences of Investing Passively in US Multifamily Real Estate

Do any of you have foreign investors in your deals?  Or are you a foreign investor thinking about investing passively in a US real estate partnership? Do you know what happens when foreign investors invest passively in a US real estate deal? If the deal is not structured right, the result is not good at all. . .

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